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ajmcleanlova69 Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "ajmcleanlova69" journal:

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October 26th, 2005
12:30 am


Chapter Twenty-Three

So AJ McLean had me all turned on inside his limo, to the point where I was so caught up in the moment that he easily could have had me right there. I am not a "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" kind of girl nor am I the type of girl who goes around sleeping with men on the first date, but he definitely had all the right moves. I have only had one one-night-stand in my entire life and I did not want him to make that number become two. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that protection was nowhere to be found. I never let a guy jump without a parachute and I was not about to make an exception for him. Surprisingly, he wasn't pushing me to either. Don't get me wrong…I abso-friggin-lutely wanted to sleep with this man. I always knew he was hot and had fantasies about all the things I'd do to him if I ever met him, but there are no special anti-protection clauses for celebrities.

"I guess it's a blessing in disguise that neither of us has any protection," I said. "I really don't want to be just another notch on your "How many fans can I have sex with?" belt, anyway."

He looked at me, puzzled. "Is that what you think this is? That all I ever wanted to do tonight was have sex with you?"

"Well, you are AJ from the Backstreet Boys…the bad boy…the one all the girls think is so da mn sexy…..which you are, by the way."

"I try," he replied, staring at me with those soulful brown eyes. There was that sexy AJ smirk again.

"It kind of makes a girl wonder if the rumors are actually true, about all the women you have been with. And then there was the way you came on to me before we even met and had a proper introduction."

"Hey, in my defense, you didn't really put up much of a fight earlier this evening. And for the record, I have been completely in awe of you all night. I wasn't even going to try anything, but then you went and played with the lights in here and sat next to me and put your hand on my thigh."

Dam n. I was hoping he had forgotten about that. "I-," I began to say, but Alex cut me off.

"No, let me finish." He took a deep breath. "All the rumors you have heard, they used to be true. I admit that I had my wild party days, to the point where I can't even remember most of the sh*t that I did back then, but all that is behind me now. I have a new outlook on life and new goals now. One of them is to fall deeply in love, get married, and start a family."

"I read somewhere that you've never been in love before," I interjected. "Is that true?"

"Honestly? Yes. I don't believe I've ever been in love before." I reached out and put my hand on top of his as he continued. "I mean, I have loved the girlfriends I have had, but I really never have been in love with anyone. Back then I wasn't thinking clearly. But now I am. And I really want to find that one special person to share the rest of my life with, like Brian and Kevin have found. I don't want to make you just another notch on my, what did you call it? My "How many fans can I have sex with? belt." I cringed at his recollection of my exact words. "So, really, I am glad that this did not go any further than it did. I am going to put myself out there. I want to get to know you better and see where this crazy attraction leads."

By this point, I think I was sitting there just staring at him, hoping my mouth wasn't hanging open.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked. "Now would be a good time for you to respond, since I just spilled my heart out to you."

"I'm sorry," I replied, still in shock. "I am still trying to get my mind around the fact that AJ McLean is interested in dating me....just an ordinary girl."

"Well, believe it baby, because I am just an ordinary guy who is never this open with complete strangers. I feel this deep connection to you and I have no idea why. I hope you are feeling it to. Since this never happens to me, I think I'd better explore it and see where it leads." He looked at me with those gorgeous, deep brown eyes, waiting for my response. I did feel it too. It was inexplicable and definitely nothing like anything I have ever felt for any other guy, period.

I looked into his enchanting eyes. "I know what you're talking about. I feel it too."
He leaned in and gave me the softest, sexiest kiss we’ve had so far. "So what does this mean?" I asked, teary eyed.

"It means," he replied, "that we spend some time to get to know each other better. Hopefully, we'll discover that there is more than just a physical attraction between us."

"That would be good," I said as I kissed him softly. "Now put your clothes back on. We're here. Time for our very first date to begin."

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October 13th, 2005
11:12 am


Chapter Twenty-Two


The limo stopped and I looked out the window. We were at her apartment complex. I saw Kacy get out of the car and walk towards the limo. I opened the door and got out.

"Climb on in," I said.

"Oh, no thanks. I'm going to ride with Howie and Nick. Valerie should be along in a minute. Have fun," Kacy replied, with a sly grin on her face. She headed over towards Howie & Nick's limo.

Da mn them. They were going to let us ride alone together. Probably Nick's idea, encouraged by Howie. And I'm sure Kacy had something to do with it as well. That girl was so not anywhere close to being innocent.

I know it has been a few months since I have been with anyone. Ok. Five months. Alexa was definitely a lot of fun, but when it came down to it, she just really wasn't all that smart and I can't stand a girl who can't hold her own in a conversation with me. Nick told me I was friggin' crazy to give up a "hot piece of @ss" like that just because she wasn't too smart. He keeps saying I should get it on with every hot young thing that shows an interest. I told him if I did that, then I wouldn't have time to perform with the group anymore. Sometimes I just don't know about that boy. I have tried to enlighten him with all my wisdom, but I guess he really has to learn on his own. Hopefully someday he'll meet that woman that throws him for a loop and actually refuses to have sex with him because he's 'Nick Carter, the Backstreet Boy".

I can't believe that there was actually a time when I thought like Nick does now. Over these past three years I have truly grown as a person. Every day is a little easier than the one before. It was extremely tough to give up the alcohol, but everyone is so proud of me. The outpouring from the fans has been amazing; so many letters from people saying how my struggle has helped them or a family member with their own struggle. I never really realized how much of an impact my life had on my fans before. It's completely humbling. I mean, I am just a regular guy who got lucky enough to have most of his dreams come true. All these people look up to me like I am a god or something, but I am not. I'm just me, Alex….a guy like any other, just looking for the right person to love for the rest of my life. That's how you know you are complete. Unfortunately, it's extremely tough to find when you are in this business. But I really want to find it. I want what Brian and Kevin have....the love of a good woman, who inspires you everyday, who you fall in love with all over again every time you look at her.

I looked at Valerie getting out of her car. Her legs were long and lean and that dress accentuated everything. She stood up, turned around and put her purse on top of the car. She then bent over into the car to look for something. Her dress rose up in the back, mere inches from exposing her @ss. I could feel something else rising up too, and I can tell you for da mn sure it wasn't my blood pressure. This woman had me hypnotized by her graceful beauty. I really did want to sleep with her from the moment I met her, but at the same time, I had this underlying feeling that to do so would be a really big mistake. I could tell that this woman was not the kind of person who you just love and leave. I had barely spent more than a half hour at the most with her and we definitely hadn't done much talking. How could I feel this way about someone I hardly knew?

She stood back up and closed the car door, grabbed her purse and started walking towards the limo.

"Hey gorgeous," I said, smiling, as she approached.

"Hey yourself," she replied, smiling back at me. Even her smile was sexy. How am I going to be able to resist temptation? I was never any good at it in the past.

"Your chariot awaits," I replied, holding the door open for her. "Thank you." She brushed up against me as she climbed into the limo…and I'm pretty sure she didn't do it by accident. This was going to be impossible. I climbed in and sat opposite her.

"So, looks like we've got this thing all to our selves," she remarked.

"Looks like it," I replied. "You like?" I said, as I motioned around the inside of the limo.

"It's really, really nice," she replied, looking around, wide-eyed. "The last time I was in a limo was when my aunt got married. I was 6. Don't really remember much about it, but I can guarantee it wasn't anything at all like this."

She leaned over to check things out, giving me a great view of her chest. Again, I'm pretty sure she did not do it by accident.

"Wow. This limo has everything! Hey, what's this knob over here do?" She reached for it and turned it to the left. The lights got really dim. "Oh. Mood lighting," she replied, as she moved from her side of the limo and sat next to me.

"Huh…I guess it does have everything," I replied, as I turned to face her.

"Yeah, it does." We were now staring at each other and I could see the hunger in her eyes. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. "How clever of the manufacturer." Her hand was on my thigh. "Looks like they covered all the bases."

With that, I leaned in and gave her a sensual kiss. Her lips parted slightly and our tongues met. She tasted so sweet. I trailed my kisses down her neck and back up, with a few licks here and there. She let slip an "Mmmmm" that let me know she was definitely enjoying herself. She returned the favor by kissing and licking her way across my neck, to my earlobe. She slowly sucked on it and flicked it with her tongue, which, in turn, made my 'friend' even more excited. I trailed my hands down her back and then slowly slid them up again, casually brushing her right breast with my hand. She slipped her hands inside my jacket and attempted to push it over my shoulders and off of me. I pulled it off the rest of the way, reached behind her head and pulled the clip out of her hair, throwing it onto the other seat. Her lustrous chestnut locks fell down just below her shoulders. I ran my fingers through her hair, entwining them in the loose curls. I pulled her mouth away from my ear and towards my own. I wanted to taste those sweet lips again.

Ok, so it looked as if my plan was going to fail. I said I was never any good at resisting temptation. Especially when it comes to sex. Besides, she was coming on to me! I couldn't insult her by pulling away. Guess I just have to go with the flow.

Things were quickly heating up as I laid her down on the seat, running my left hand down the side of her body to her thigh and then back up, stopping to caress her breast through her dress. I supported my body weight with my right hand and arm as I hovered over her. She ran her hands down my chest and untucked my shirt from my pants. She slipped her hands under my shirt running them up and down my chest. I sat up and unbuttoned my shirt, letting it slip off of my arms and back. She reached up, putting her hand behind my neck and pulled me back towards her. Our mouths and tongues met yet again. Each kiss was more intense than the next. She wanted me at this very moment just as much as I wanted her. I trailed my kisses down her neck, towards her right shoulder. I pushed the sleeve of her dress out of the way to expose her bare skin. I then kissed and licked my way towards her slightly exposed breasts. She arched her back and let out a slight, satisfied moan. This obviously turned me on even more. I ran my hand down her thigh and under her dress. Her skin was so soft and smooth. She ran her hands up and down my back as I continued to concentrate my kisses on her partially exposed breasts and then trailed them back up along her sleek neck.

Softly, I heard her ask me, almost breathless, "Do you have protection?"

SH*T! Why did I take out the one I had been carrying around in my wallet for weeks?! Because I'm a dumb@ss! I panicked and stopped everything I was doing. I quickly got off her and sat on the seat, looking sullen.

She sat up and leaned back, resting on her elbows. "I'm going to take that as a no," she said, looking up at me with the sexiest pout of her lips that I have ever seen.

"I'm sorry," I said, leaning in and kissing that sexy pout. "I didn't plan for this to happen. Honest. I guess this limo doesn't have everything after all." Note to self: Self, don't EVER leave home without a condom in your pocket again!

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12:10 am


Chapter Twenty-One

Kacy and I got into my car and I started it up.

"So, Val," Kacy began, "are you ever going to tell me what happened with AJ this evening?" I knew that was coming.

"Actually, no. I just don't want to talk about it right now. Maybe tomorrow."

"What's the big deal whether you tell me right now or tomorrow?" Kacy asked. "It's not like you had sex with him." She looked at me with a furrowed brow. "You didn't, did you?"

"What?! How could you think that? I just met the guy."

"True, but you have had the hots for the guy since you were like, what, 16? That's ten years! And how often are you going to get the chance to bone AJ McLean?" I started laughing and Kacy stared at me. "What's so funny?"

"The fact that you used the phrase 'bone AJ McLean'," I said.

"So what? Bone…to have sex…screw…bang…get it on...-" Kacy replied.

Now I was laughing even harder. "Thank you. What are you, an encyclopedia of sexual slang?"

"I have more."

"I'm sure you do, but what I was referring to was that, out of all those colorful phrases for sex that you just spouted off to me, you chose to use 'bone' first."

"Yeah, so? What's your point?" Kacy asked. I forgot that my friends know nothing about the boys. Now I must educate her.

"The point is, my uneducated, non-BSB-loving-until-tonight friend, that 'Bone' is one of AJ's nicknames. So it was just ironic that that was the term you chose to use first."

"Oh, well, it suits him. The man just screams sex."

"You don’t have to tell me that. I've known it for such a long time. I was the one who was trying to educate all you guys."

"Well, now I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you in the first place. Do you think Howie'll find it strange that I really don't know anything about him or the group?"

"So you've got a little crush on Mr. Dorough, do you?" I asked Kacy slyly.

"No, not a crush….more like an interest in him. He seems really sweet. I want to get to know him a little better. I just wish Nick would stop hanging around him so I can actually talk to him."

"Don't worry. I am sure once we get to the club, Nick will find plenty of women to occupy his time so you can talk to Howie in peace."

I pulled the car into the parking lot of my apartment complex. Both limos followed me in. I parked the car, turned off the engine and looked at Kacy.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Hell yeah," Kacy said, as she opened her door. "Oh, by the way, I am going to ride in the limo with Howie and Nick. Have fun with AJ! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" She winked at me as she got out of the car and closed the door.

Holy crap. I was now going to be riding in a limo with AJ McLean, the man I've been infatuated with since I was 16. We are going to be by ourselves. All alone. Just he & I. In a limo. What's a girl to do?

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October 11th, 2005
02:40 pm



Chapter Twenty

I stepped out of the limo and closed the door. We parked in front of what I am assuming is her car, considering it's the only red one in the lot. Hopefully she'll want to take the limo. More privacy and neither one of us has to drive. I hope she's right about this band. They better not suck. Cover bands usually are the worst kind of musicians out there. Most of them really aren't good enough to make it out there on their own skills. These people did a great job at keeping this thing completely private. Not a single photographer in sight. That's hard to come by these days.

Oh, here she comes. Damn…she put her hair up, exposing her neck. Sh*t, she looks hot. Glad to see she didn't change out of that dress because it looks amazing on her. Makes me want to see what's beneath it. God, she has such a sexy walk. Wonder what she's talking about with her friend.

"Hey Alex," she said as she approached the limo. "I hope you don't mind, but Kacy wanted to come along."

"Why would I mind? Two beautiful ladies. I don't see the problem." I turned to Kacy and introduced myself. "So you're the girl Howie was talking with this evening. He's coming with, by the way. He and Nick are in the limo over there. They are going to follow us to the club."

"Well, if we are going to take the limo, then I don't want to leave my car here. Can you follow me back to my apartment so I can drop off my car? It's only ten minutes away."

"Sure gorgeous. Shouldn't be a problem. Let me just tell Tony the about the little detour." I walked over to the driver's window and told Tony what was going on. I then turned around to Valerie and said "I've got to go tell Nick & Howie what's going on as well. Be right back."

I walked over to their limo and their driver, Jimmy, rolled down the window. "Hey, Jimmy. Just wanted to let you know that we are going to follow Valerie back to her apartment first so she can drop off her car. Then we'll get on our way to the club."

I walked to the passenger door and tapped on the window. Howie rolled down the window.

"Hey D, Nick. We're gonna follow Valerie back to her apartment so she can drop off her car, all right? And D, her friend Kacy is coming along, too."

"Really? Nice. Let me go greet her." D opened the door and stepped out of the limo, followed by Nick. We all walked back over to my limo, where Valerie and Kacy were talking.

"Ladies, I believe you both know Howie and Nick. And guys, well, I'm pretty sure you have met these two lovely ladies."

"Hey Howie, Nick. How did you enjoy the party?" Valerie asked.

"Hey, Valerie. See, I am capable of using your name. The party was very good. And, obviously, our little AJ here enjoyed himself." I smacked Nick upside the head. God, he's so stupid. Doesn't think before he speaks.

"Ow!" Nick said. We all started laughing. "It's not funny. What the h3ll was that for Aje?!"

"That was for you not thinking before you open your mouth," I replied.

"Anyway," Howie said, trying to steer clear of Nick & I fighting. "Kacy, AJ says you are going to the club with us?"

"Yeah, I am. Valerie said I could come along, since she was meeting some of her friends there. I didn't realize you guys were going as well. This is going to be fun," Kacy replied. She moved closer to talk with Howie and Nick. The three of them walked back towards their limo. That left me standing there with Valerie.

"So, are you ready to go?" I asked her.

"Yes sir. Just have to find my keys in here," she said as she looked through her purse. "Here they are."

"Ok, well then, let's get going. It's almost 12:30 and I told the people at the club we'd be there around 1 am."

"Let me just grab Kacy and we can go." I watched her as she walked over to the other limo. She talked to Kacy and the guys and then the two women came back over to me. "Ok Alex. Just follow us to my place and then we'll hop into the limo."

"All right. Let's get going."

The girls got into Valerie's car and we followed them to her apartment complex. The whole ten minute ride there I wondered what they could possibly be talking about. To be a fly on the window in that car. She's probably told Kacy all about what happened throughout the evening. I know women. They share everything. And I mean everything.

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02:38 pm


Valerie's POV

Chapter Nineteen

So midnight is finally here. It took FOR….EV…ER! I am meeting Alex outside in approximately 15 minutes. Just have to wait until all these people leave. I ran into the kitchen, over to the lockers. I pulled out my purse and headed to the ladies room. Hey, I have to make sure I look amazing. He's had me floating in a daze ever since our first encounter outside the men's room earlier this evening. And what a way to say hello. He is, hands down, the best kisser out of any guys I have ever had the pleasure of kissing. And some that I wish I had not had the experience kissing. Ugghh, Jeff had to have been the worst kisser in the world! I thought he was going to swallow my face whole! I quickly ended that after one date. No way was I going through that torture again. I mean, I have dated some guys who could kiss very well, but Alex just blows them away. The way he makes his tongue move, oh my God! Absolutely incredible.

I was jolted from my thoughts by Lisa, Jessica, & Kacy entering the ladies room.

"Uh oh. She's touching up her makeup," Lisa stated. "That can only mean.."

"She's got a hot date!" Kacy interjected. "Oh my God! You're going out with him, aren't you?! Damn, you have all the luck!"

"Wait, what? Who?" Jessica was confused.

"Valerie has been flirting with AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys all night and now she's going out on a date with him!" Ok. Kacy was a little overly excited.

"Really!" Jessica said in response to Kacy's outburst. "Well, go Val! He is so hot. Actually, they all are. Hmmmm….I think I am going to have to start listening to the Backstreet Boys now."

"First off, I would like to say that all of you all of a sudden realize how wonderful the Backstreet Boys are. Now you're finally realizing why I have loved them since the very beginning. I guess it's better late than never. I told you they were an amazingly talented group of guys, but did anyone listen to me? No. And secondly, Kacy, for the record, I was not flirting with him all night. I was actually doing my job at some point during the evening. I was out there mingling with the guests. And besides, he's the one who cornered me outside the men's room and ki…." I stopped talking, realizing that I almost told them all what happened.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! He what?! You so cannot stop in the middle of that thought! You cannot keep this from us any longer. I demand that you tell us what happened this evening. We all saw that display by him when he was singing that song tonight." Kacy replied.

"Yeah, come on Val. We are some of your closest friends. You can't keep it from us. You know you are going to tell us eventually, so why not now?" Lisa had a point. But I really just didn't want to tell them about it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

"You're right. I am going to tell you about it eventually. So until I do, you'll just have to settle for this anecdote. I can tell you, without a doubt, that he is the most amazing kisser, better than anyone else I have ever kissed. And you guys know that I have made out with plenty of random guys."

"That's true. You are always the kissing whore whenever we go out to clubs. It's like you make it your
mission to find a hot guy every time and make out with him all night long."

"Well, it's not like I'm dating anyone right now. I gotta have some fun when I go out. How else am I going to know when I have found the person who is going to satisfy my desires? You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he kisses. A kiss tells you so much about other important things that might happen in the future if you start a relationship with him."

"Well, aren't you all Dr. Ruth," Lisa said sarcastically. "So where are you going?"

"I already had plans to meet some of my non-work girlfriends at the Nutty Irishman because Peat Moss is playing tonight, so that's where we are going. You guys wanna come along?" I knew exactly the response I was going to get from these three.

"Hell, yes!" Kacy replied. "Is the whole group going? In particular, is Howie going?"

I looked at Kacy quizzically. "Howie? Since when do you know which one Howie is?"

"Since I had a conversation with him earlier this evening. He was talking to me about these business ventures he was involved in. He's kinda cute, actually. That guy Nick kept bugging him all night. I think it was because he couldn't find AJ half the evening because he had mysteriously disappeared many times." Kacy looked at me.

"What?" I replied. "I can't help it if I am irresistible." I started laughing and looked in the mirror. I pulled my small hairbrush out of my purse and ran it through my hair. I took the hair clip I had attached to my purse, twisted my hair up and held it in place with the clip. I let a few pieces casually fall onto the nape of my neck. A few loose pieces also framed my face. I turned around to face my girlfriends. "So how do I look?"

"Fabulous," Jessica replied. "That guy is not gonna know what hit him. Sorry, but I have to bail on tonight. Mike is waiting for me."

"Yeah, I have to bail as well. The kids are going to have me up early in the morning, so I have to get home. It's already 12:15."

"What?! Oh my God! I have to go. I told Alex I'd meet him outside at 12:15. Kacy, if you're coming, let's go! Jess, Lisa, I love you girls. Have a wonderful evening." I ran out of the ladies room with Kacy following closely at my heels.

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02:36 pm


This chapter is from AJ's POV...

Chapter Eighteen

I watched her walk away. And what a walk it was. I think she was doing it on purpose, like she knew I was going to continue to stare at her until she disappeared into the crowd. Well, I don't have to let her know that I do that. Damn. What was it about this woman that I couldn't resist? There was no doubt that she looked smoking in that dress. From the minute I saw her this evening, she took my breath away. I knew that I had to meet her, but
I didn’t know how to approach a woman of her caliber.

Leighanne has that same quality about her, so Brian was the logical person to turn to for help. He has that southern charm that all the women go gaga over. Besides, he owed me. I did help him out when he first met Leighanne. It was so funny. He was so nervous about going up to her. I was like, dude, what's wrong with you? You have never had a problem approaching a chick before! And he told me that she wasn't a chick, that she was a goddess and that you can't just approach someone that beautiful without putting some thought into it first. So, I, being the smooth one that I am, helped hook them up.

And look at how well it turned out. They have such a wonderful marriage and a beautiful little boy. Being around that little guy has made me realize how much I really do want to have a family someday. It's just hard to find that one special person. I've gotten burned in the past by some women that I thought could've been the one. But obviously none of them were. But, this woman, I think she's one in a million. I've never felt like this about someone before. I am just captivated by her. All I want to do is get to know her better.

I was pulled from my reverie by someone calling my name.

"AJ…yo Aje…Hello? Is anyone in there?" It was Nick.

"Huh? Oh, hey." Nick was staring at me. "What?"

"You were staring off into space. What were you thinking about?"


"You're a liar. I know what you were thinking about. You were trying to figure out how you were going to get into Valerie's pants."

"Dude. What?! No. God, you are so immature. That's not what I was thinking. And seriously, Nick, I can think about a girl I'm interested in without thinking about getting her into bed."

"Well, if it were me, I'd be thinking about how to get a woman like that into my bed," Nick stated, as he motioned towards Valerie in a crowd of people from our record label.

I just shook my head. "And that way of thinking right there, my friend, is why you will never have a girl with any class. You can't keep looking at women as mere sex objects, dude. Especially not a woman as beautiful as her." I stared at Valerie in the mix of people. She was engrossed in conversation with Anthony, one of the PR guys from Jive. I must have been staring a little too long because the next thing I knew, I had been slapped upside the head.

"Nick, what the f*ck?!" I turned around, ready to beat the crap out of him, when I saw Kevin.

"Stop staring so hard," Kevin said. "You're gonna wear out your eyes. So, you got a date with her or what?"
Kevin and Nick were staring me down, waiting for an answer. "Well, I guess so. I told her to pick a place. She had already made plans to meet up with some friends at a club where some band is playing. So, I am going to check this place out. You guys wanna come?"

As expected, Kevin declined. He wanted to go have some alone time with Kristin. I am sure Brian will want to bail as well to be with Leighanne. Nick, however, I knew I could count on.

"You said she's going to be meeting some friends there? Do these friends happen to be hot ladies?" Nick asked.

"I knew the mere mention of meeting women would peek your interest. Ok, so you're in. Lemme just check with Bri and D before I call the club and ask them to reserve a private area for all of us."

Nick, Kevin and I looked around the restaurant for Howie and Brian. We finally found them over near the bar, talking with Leighanne and Kristin.

"Hey Bri, D, ladies. I was wondering if you all wanted to go out after this shindig is over with." I

"D, you so have to come with us! Aje is going out with that hot chick he's been flirting with all night and he said she's meeting up with some girlfriends later…and wanted to know if we wanted to join them. Hot chicks, man," Nick said, a little too overly excited. "Oh yeah, Bri, ladies, you guys can come too."

"Hot ladies, huh?" Howie replied. "I'm in."

"Gee, thanks, Nick. I am so glad we have your permission to come along," Brian said sarcastically, "but I think Leigh and I are going to call it a night when this thing ends. We promised Baylee we'd take him to the local aquarium tomorrow. Thanks for the offer though, Aje."

"I figured you guys would bail, but I just thought I'd put the offer out there. Ok, now I have to call this place and make sure they can accommodate us. Be back in a few."

I walked over to the front door and went outside. I pulled out my cell and called information. Now what
the hell was the name of this place we were going to? I know she said something about nuts….and an Irish man. Oh wait! That was it….the Nutty Irishman in…..Bay Shore? Yeah, that was it. The operator connected me to the club and they said they could have an area ready in about an hour, which was perfect timing. This thing ended in about 15 minutes…and then the night is really going to begin.

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02:35 pm


Chapter Seventeen

"Let's move away from this area, before my boss walks out that door and sees me not working."

Alex and I walked back out into the dining room. We walked over to a less crowded area of the restaurant where we could talk, but still have people around so it looked like I was doing my job.

"Ok," I said, "the good news is that I will be done here at 12:15 instead of almost 1 am, so we can get going a little earlier tonight."

"That's great. Have you decided on where you want to go?"

"Yes. The Nutty Irishman, in Bay Shore. It's about a half hour from here. There's this really excellent cover band playing there tonight."
He gave me a questionable look. "A cover band? Really?"

"No seriously, Peat Moss & the Fertilizers are really great!" I tried to reassure him.

"Peat Moss & who?" Alex looked at me skeptically.

"Peat Moss & the Fertilizers. Trust me. They kick @ss. They don't cover songs by just one artist. They sing many different rock songs by many different artists. They also mix in some classic 80's rock songs. They have quite the following. That's where we are going. Besides, I had already agreed to meet some of my girlfriends there after work. I told them I would be there around 1:30."

"Well, ok, but if they suck, you better have another place in mind to bring us to. What's the name of this place again? I want to call ahead and reserve a VIP space so we don't get mobbed upon arrival. And since your friends are going to be there, I'm gonna invite the guys, too."

"It's The Nutty Irishman, in Bay Shore, NY. It's a fun place. I've been there a million times. You'll like it. And you'll love Peat Moss. Cross my heart!" I said, as I made a cross sign over my heart.

"Well, we'll see," AJ responded. "I'll meet you outside at 12:15. I don't want to keep you away from your job any longer."

"Yeah. I should get back to it," I replied. "Sooo, 12:15 outside in the parking lot. My car's the red Grand Am. I'll see you later, then." I smiled at him and then turned around and walked away, wondering if he was staring at me the whole time.

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02:34 pm


Chapter Sixteen

So here I am, standing on the toilet in the stall of the men's room, trying to stay out of sight. Alex had vacated the restroom. He had so better have a plan to get me out of here!

I heard the restroom door open again, followed by Alex's voice, telling whoever he walked in with that the stall wasn't working and to use the other one. A few more people entered the restroom. Great. All I could think about was how I was going to get caught by my boss and lose my job. Then I'd be broke, and homeless, and have my beloved car repoed! Oh my God! I cannot get caught on here! I began to panic slightly.

The restroom door opened again and I heard the voices leave. There was a knock on the stall door.

"Valerie, all's clear," I heard Alex say. I popped my head up over the top of the stall door and looked
down at him, a little panicky. He laughed. "You look so cute all scared."

"It's not funny. I could lose my job if I get caught in here!"

"Calm down. I won't let that happen. I'm going to stand outside the door to make sure it's safe out there."

He exited the restroom and I climbed down off the toilet. I slipped my shoes back on, unlocked the stall door, and walked out of the stall. I started to walk towards the restroom door when Alex came flying through it, shutting it behind him immediately.

"Your boss is coming!" Alex freaked.

"Oh no! What the hell am I gonna do?!" I panicked. It was too late to get back into the stall. I ran to the closet.

"What, are you gonna hide in there for the rest of the evening?!" Alex asked.

"No." I reached into the closet. "Just getting this!" I replied, holding up a plunger. I ran to the stall and stuck it into the bowl. Just then, Max walked into the bathroom. I flushed the toilet and turned around, with the plunger still in my hand.

Max was startled to see me in the men's room. He looked at me, puzzled. "What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, hi Max." I tried to sound casual, like I always hang out in the men's room. "I was just unclogging the toilet. You see, Mr. McLean here," I shot Alex a look, "found me out on the floor and told me about the toilet in here being stopped up. I tried to grab hold of one of the male bussers or staff members, but everyone was too busy to help me. So, I decided to take care of it myself. Mr. McLean was standing watch outside to while I fixed the toilet." I think he believed me. I walked over to the closet and put the plunger away. "And you're welcome, by the way."

"Oh, thanks," Max said, still looking a bit confused. There was a long pause as I stared at Max and then Alex and back to Max again. "Ummm, could you please leave now so I can go to the bathroom?" Max asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," I said. I opened the restroom door, walked out and leaned against the wall, feeling
very relieved. Alex walked out of the restroom and over to me.

"That was brilliant!" he exclaimed. "I think he bought it."

I hit Alex on the arm. "Well, if it wasn't for you and your lack of self-control, I wouldn't have been in that situation at all!"

"Hmmm…funny….but I don't remember you trying to stop me at first, either. You exhibited as little self-control as I did!"

I opened my mouth to protest, but Alex was too quick. He leaned in and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips.

Then Alex asked, "So what was the good news you had to tell me?"

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October 4th, 2005
02:28 am


Chapter Fifteen

All of a sudden, we heard a loud banging on the restroom door.

"Oh, sh*t!" I said, just above a whisper. I was startled and almost fell. I stopped Alex from kissing me again.

"What's the matter?" he asked as he continued to kiss my neck.

I hit him on the shoulder. "Stop!" I yelled at him. "Someone wants to get in here. And you locked the door!" I said, a little out of breath. "Besides, we need to stop."

"Wha..?" He stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes. "I thought you were enjoying yourself."

"That's the problem," I said. There was another loud bang on the door, followed by someone shouting "What the hell is going on in there?"

"If we continue on like this, I might do something I’ll regret later. I am really, and I stress really, attracted to you, as you can tell. I just don't make it a habit of having sex, in a public restroom, with a man that I just met. We haven't even had one date yet!"

Alex took a deep breath. "Ok. You make an excellent point. I don't know what I was thinking. It's just, seeing you in that dress, it makes me wanna go wild. I couldn't control myself." He kissed me again.

I laughed. "Ok, Romeo. Settle down. There'll be plenty of time for kissing later. Now you have to think of a way to get me out of here without my boss seeing me! Otherwise I will be out of a job. And that will not make me very happy. I happen to like my job as is."

"No problem," Alex replied calmly. "Just take off your shoes and stand on the toilet seat so you can't be seen. I'll work on getting the person or people to vacate the area. I'll let you know when the coast is clear."

"This had better work," I said, a little fearful of losing my job and my only means of supporting myself.

"Trust me," Alex said kissing me softly on the lips as I took my shoes off and attempted to stand on the toilet.

"Famous last words….Oh my God, how did I get myself into this situation?"

"Just chill. Everything's going to be fine. I've gotten out of worse predicaments than this before. Besides, we still have a date to commence with in a little over an hour. I'm not about to let this ruin the night that's still ahead of us." He opened the stall door and began to walk out. "Oh yeah," he said, turning around. "Wasn't there something you wanted to tell me before?"

I rolled my eyes at him as I stood on the toilet. "This is so not the time!"

He walked back into the stall and looked up at me, smiling. "Ya know, from this angle," he said as he started to bend down, "I could get the opportunity to view your goods. It's only fair."

Through clenched teeth, I replied "Get me out of here right now, Alex! This is so not funny! And I never saw anything!"

Alex stood back up, laughing. "All right. I'm going. Just remember to stay out of sight and I'll have you out of here in a few minutes." He walked out of the stall again and I leaned over to lock it. I ducked down, braced myself by pushing against the walls of the stall, and prayed that I wouldn't lose my job.

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12:48 am


Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen

The boys were just starting to sing "I Still", when I reached the DJ booth. Again, I found myself staring at them in complete and utter amazement. I was still dazed that I was thisclose to all of them at once. And that I had had conversations with all of them. Oh yeah. And most of all, I was still completely in shock that I had been kissed by AJ McLean, and even more shocked to find out that he was nervous about approaching me! I never would've guessed that one. He just didn't seem like the type, but then again, I don't even know him.

AJ began singing his verse….Now look at me, instead of moving on I refuse to see, that I keep coming back, yeah I'm stuck in a moment, that wasn't meant to last…..There he was, staring directly at me again. Da mn, he was so sexy! I stared at him throughout their entire performance of the song. They ended the song and everyone began clapping. The DJ began spinning music again and everyone went back to their conversations. I made my way through the crowd, heading for the restroom. Alex approached me from behind.

"Hey", he said, turning me around to face him.

"Hi," I replied. "I've got some good news."

"Oh yeah?" he asked, pulling me towards the men's room. "Can it wait?"

"Ummm, yeah, sure. Why?"

Alex let go of my hand when we got to the restrooms. He told me to stay put and not wander off. Then he ducked into the men's room. A few men came out of the restroom while I stood there. I wondered why, exactly, I was still standing there. I pushed the door open a crack and said "Alex, are you seriously gonna make me wait out here while you go to the bathroom?!"

The next thing I knew, he had pulled me into the bathroom, said "Shhhh", and then locked the door behind us. "I have been wanting to get you alone since the first time we kissed," he told me as he moved in close to me. His lips landed on mine; the electricity between us was undeniable. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed me against the restroom door. He held my face in his hands; then ran them through my hair and gently brushed my bare shoulders. Our lips felt like they were molded for each other. His tongue touched mine and our kissing became more intense. We stumbled away from the door and into the bathroom stall, shutting and locking the door behind us. He turned us around, so my back was against the stall door. He trailed his burning kisses down my neck, down my collarbone and onto the parts of my breasts that were exposed. I let out a slight moan. It had been awhile since I had felt this intensely about anyone. He trailed his kisses back up my neck and onto my mouth. He pulled me in close, his hands making their way down my back and ending up on my ass. As he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slammed me up against the wall of the bathroom stall. I could feel his erection through his jeans, wanting to burst free. He rubbed his hands along my thighs and I could feel myself losing control of my senses.

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